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20 September 2019

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Thursday 26 May 2011, Third Day of Boat Arrivals

Thursday 26 May 2011, Third Day of Boat Arrivals (27 photos)

Amidst other site duties and showers of rain a few boats were recorded arriving at the Festival Site. More general pictures added later.

Boats at the Festival May 2011

Boats at the Festival May 2011 (39 photos)

A simple record to try and show each boat on the water during the festival. It should be pointed out that the only boats to visit this section since the 1920s have been the weedcutter and two trips by Thomas Dadford.

Two More Boats

Two More Boats (6 photos)

A quiet day for us to continue with maintenance on Thomas Dadford and to welcome another two boats to the 'Festival Site'.

Repositioning for Trailboat Festival

Repositioning for Trailboat Festival (24 photos)

The moving of Thomas Dadford from its usual berth by Neath Castle to the temporary berth at the festival site at Abegarwed. Took six hours due to the amount of tree pruning required to ensure clear access and visibility for visiting trail boats.

First Full Trip (Barge & Restored Section)

First Full Trip (Barge & Restored Section) (32 photos)

The following photographs were taken on 21st September 2010, (with two exceptions) by Anthony Pugh during the first trip of the newly refurbished Thomas Dadford on the recently restored section of the Neath Canal.

First Full Trip (from barge)

First Full Trip (from barge) (30 photos)

Photo's taken by Peter Rickets MBE, IPCN&TCT during the first trip of the trusts refurbished barge along the newly refurbished section of the Neath Canal. The barge has not been running beyond Tonna recently so that is where the photo's start.

Refurbished Thomas Dadford

Refurbished Thomas Dadford (18 photos)

Refurbished Thomas Dadford Photographs (2010)

Years End 2010

Years End 2010 (18 photos)

The barge is normally taken out of the water each year, being lifted over the bridge in Neath Town Centre. This year due to bridge work the barge was 'sailed' upstream to Aberdulais Basin for removal and the following photographs show this procedure.

Resolven Canal '86

Resolven Canal '86 (7 photos)

The Resolven canal before restoration

Water in the cut

Water in the cut (5 photos)

At last water is flowing through the cut


General (9 photos)

Photographs by Ian Milne

Neath Canal of Old

Neath Canal of Old (13 photos)

Photographs taken mainly before the restoration of the Neath Canal

Tonna Lock Works

Tonna Lock Works (8 photos)

Restoration work at Tonna Lock

Trip Boat

Trip Boat (11 photos)

General views during the standard trip from Neath town centre to Tonna (Tyn-yr-heol) lock

Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs (13 photos)

Aerial photographs of the Neath & Tennant canals taken from a Grumman Tiger AA5B on 26th November 2005. All phots suffer from being taken through the Plexiglass canopy.

Briton Ferry

Briton Ferry (2 photos)

Neath Canal, Briton Ferry section, summer 2005

Tennant Canal

Tennant Canal (6 photos)

The new boat house on the Tennant Canal

Cordell Festival Aberdulais

Cordell Festival Aberdulais (2 photos)

Two photographs of actors Sep 2005

The Three Bridges

The Three Bridges (1 photo)

A photograph of the three bridges crossing the River Neath

Tonna Lock Restoration

Tonna Lock Restoration (24 photos)

A series of photographs detailing the restoration of Tyn-yr-heol Lock Tonna

Ynysbwllog Aqueduct

Ynysbwllog Aqueduct (24 photos)

Photograph 1 by kind permission of Waterways World. 2/3 Hywel Jenkins. 4/5/6/7/8/9 by Peter Ricketts

Remedial work at Clyne lock

Remedial work at Clyne lock (2 photos)

Scaffolding being erected at Clyne Lock to remove vegetation and to begin regrouting

Aberdulais Basin

Aberdulais Basin (1 photo)

Low water at the basin

Maps of Tonna Lock Aberdulais area 1800's

Maps of Tonna Lock Aberdulais area 1800's (2 photos)

Several maps illustrating industry in the area of Aberdulais

Renewal of lock gates at Resolven

Renewal of lock gates at Resolven (37 photos)

A detailed photographic account of the renewal of lock gates at Resolven. Photographs taken by our Chairman Mr. Peter Rickettes.


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