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24 July 2024

Neath Canal Details

The Neath canal is 13.5 miles in length from Giants Grave to the Terminal Basin at Glynneath. The following are distances between locks and other locations of interest on the Neath Canal.

Briton Ferry (Terminal Basin)0 -
Giants Grave (Original Terminus 1798)0.6 -
Railway Crossing (R&SB, GWR)0.8 -
Bridge Street Neath (Low Road Bridge)1.2 Tick
Tyn-yr-heol Lock, Tonna1.41Tick
Aberdulais Basin (Tennant Canal)0.7 -
Lock Machin1.12-
Clyne Lower Lock (Toll House)1.03-
Clyne Upper Lock0.14-
Ynysbwllog Aqueduct0.5 -
Abergarwed Lower Lock1.035-
Abergarwed Upper Lock0.86-
Ynysbibben Lock (Resolven Lower)0.837-
Resolven Lock0.178Tick
Crugiau Lock0.729Tick
Rheola Lock0.110Tick
Rheola Aqueduct0.25 -
Aberclwyd Lock0.5711Tick
Ynys-yr-allor Lock0.412Tick
Maesgwyn Lock0.3513Tick
Ysgwrfa Lock0.214Tick
Granary Lock0.215-
Chain Road Lock0.416-
Pentremalwed Lock (Fox’s Lock)0.2417-
Lamb and Flag Lock0.1718-
Maesmarchog Lock0.2519-
Terminal Basin Glynneath0.3 -

The last three sections of the canal from the Lamb and Flag bridge to the terminal basin at Glynneath are in-filled and under the now abandoned Glynneath Bypass.

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